Tap into your fun side by hooking onto this beautiful string of baubles! This bracelet features a mix of teal, turquoise, red, dark blue, Copper, and pink pieces that form bead and are strung along a brown bamboo cord. This lovely blue trinket gives you the final touch you’ve been waiting for!  (P.S. Pair this bracelet with our ‘Bobbs’ or ‘Babbs’ earrings for a matching set!)

The bracelet is made from cloth backed vinyl (the same fabric used on boat cushions, like leather it softens with wear). Argentinian silver toggle clasp. 100% hemp cord. Measures approximately 9.5" (large) or 8" (small) in length with a sterling silver toggle clasp.

The artist, Heather Washburn, strives to reduce the eco-footprint by sourcing materials from local companies. For example, our vinyl comes from the scraps of a local business that makes dental chairs. Every piece is handmade in Redmond, WA.

Wah'Bull Vinyl Bracelet