Tumbleweeds are fun to watch unless they are tumbling towards you and your barely trained colt - then watch out!  This casual but eye-catching bracelet showcases 3 strands of leather and decorative beads  held together with a magnetic clasp.   Sizes represent the measurement of the bracelet when clasped, not the actual wrist measurement.



6 3/4" XS

7" S

7 1/2" M

8" L

8 1/2" XL


Designed and created by Olive Parker from Stevensville, MT.   Olive is a leather artist with 36 years of leather working experience.  By combining her leatherwork with her love for rock hounding, she creates unique gemstone and leather jewelry.  The hand made ceramic beads used in her designs are made in Greece. The copper enameled specialty beads are made in Duluth, Minnesota.

Tumbleweed Bracelet/Dk Brown & Wine

SKU: TW-Brac-BnBur-7.5