Set of four 5 oz Revolving Tad Glasses, a 375 mL Tad Decanter, and a  wood base for when you want just a tad bit with some to share. Like the other signature glasses the Tads also revolve, much like a top. This helps aerate your beverage, prevent spilling, and it makes drinking even more fun. The decanter is hand-blown, and the tray was milled in Swoon Living's studio in Chicago.


Swoon-Living, is a Chicago based company founded in 2012 by Patrick Fitzpatrick. They do three things: design and produce products, take on commissions from other designers and artisans, and create spaces to teach people how to make their own products.


Patrick Fitzpatrick is designer and prototype engineer.  Patrick received his BFA at the University of Illinois and his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Following college he worked for the architecture firm Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill LLP as a model builder.

Tad Foursome on Black Walnut Live Edge