This small White Pearlescent Folded Thread Pull Dish are all slightly different in the folds, patterns and edge contours. Their use is commonly at the dinner table, and yes they are food safe, but they are also used for floating candles, fruit, nuts, ball bearings, hummingbird egg collections and candy.

This beautiful and elaborate glassware is the creation of Tony Serviente, whose vitreous explorations began 31 years ago with stained glass, building windows and lamps and taught classes of all ages and levels. In 1990 he trained at the Pilchuck glass school and learned many new techniques, among them kiln and torch work, neon and glass blowing and immediately went back to his studio and immediately changed direction, focusing on the more arcane aspects of kiln forming. This continues to be his focus working in his Ithica, NY studio. He attributes his background as an electronics technician to the skills needed in this endeavor.

Small White Pearlescent Folded Thread Pull Dish