Beautiful and light! These swirly earrings will dance with your movement and mesmerize those around you. Sterling silver components with lever backs. Dimensions: 3 3/8"H x 3/4"W.


David Leight’s art career officially began after his formal training from the Pilchuck glass school. There he studied the art of shaping and polishing under Mark Taylor. From this experience and work in the class David developed a unique style of cutting crystal based on his observations of crystal and ice and strived to exemplify their characteristics and enhance light in his creations.


Working as an independent artist in San Diego, CA since 2004, David created LeightWorks Crystal Jewelry.  All pieces are custom shaped to enhance the light and color; bringing style, simple elegance and an “Eye-Catching” quality to all who wear them. The pieces constantly glow and change color depending on the amount of light around the piece, skin tones, movement, or color of your clothing.

Using his original techniques, each piece of fine optic glass and natural crystal is hand cut and layered inside with precious metals to produce the iridescent glow of color from within.   Different blends of precious metals produce different colors.  The pieces are frost or polish finished, then completed by handcrafting sterling silver and/or gold designs around.



Silver Swirl Earrings - Frosted Blue/Fire