A new addition to DBRGlassworks ''Optic'' series, hand blown glass 'Ikebana'/Bowl. These bowls can be used for 'minimalistic' floral arrangements, votive holders, jewelry, candy dishes...etc ''Ikebana'' is from the Japanese ikeru ( ''keep alive, arrange flowers, living'') and hana (''flower''). Possible translations include ''giving life to flowers'' and ''arranging flowers''. Another aspect of the ''Ikebana'' is the expression of minimalism in floral arrangements. These pieces measure approx. 2-3'' tall, 4'' dia at the rim, with an opening 2.5'' dia. and a depth of 1-1.5''. ** Frog/Ikebana includedDesigned and created by Dianne Rasmussen, Mill Creek, WA  

Marbled Blown Glass "Frog Bowl" w/Insert