This microcosm design is Mollusca (mollusk shell).


Each necklace is laser-cut and laser-etch in acrylic. The is ~17" sterling silver. Length: approximately 1.5 inches Width: 0.72 inches Thickness: 0.2 inches. Very lightweight! You'll forget you have them on.

The Lab Partners experiment at the intersection of art, science, and technology. They blend the latest innovations with time-honored artistic techniques to craft fun, wearable art. Their Microcosm designs are based on illustrations of microscopic and organic life forms. With these pieces they seek to explore and expose nature’s infinite beauty.


All pieces made by Lab Partners are collaborations between artists JD Shipengrover and JD Davison. They are made in their jewelry lab in Columbus, Ohio as well as in the Columbus Idea Foundry Maker space, were they also teach jewelry smithing techniques.

Large Teardrop Flower Necklace - Purple

SKU: N18-TrL-Fl-Pu