6X6 inch Pot.  Horsehair Pottery was first made as the result of an accident by an Acoma Pueblo potter as she bent over to remove a hot piece of pottery from a kiln.  Her hair fell against it and burned, leaving a carbon trail on the clay surface.  

This handmade piece was removed from the kiln at 1025 Fahrenheit. Horsetail hair, feathers, and sugar were applied leaving carbon trails in a unique, random manner. It was then sprayed with an iron solution to give it its "rust red" color, and waxed to a satin sheen. Designed and created by David Gordon, Cloudcroft, NM.

Small Pot

  • Horsehair pottery compliments a wide range of de`cor. Because of the porus clay used (to withstand the thermal shock of being removed hot from the kiln), they should be used with dry arrangements only,  Like other art work, horsehair pieces should not be kept in direct sunlight and are best cleaned by gentle brushing.