This "Dream As If You'll Live Forever" Inspirational Saying Silk Wrap Bracelet will add a little encouragement to your day.. The silk wrap ribbons measure approximately 1/2'' wide x 36'' long.


At the helm of this Kentucky based business is distinguished Artist, DyeSigner, and CEO, Pamela Mattei. Known for her eye-catching sense of color, hand dyed silk scarves, big dreams and unrelenting determination, Pamela has transformed her small business into a national and international brand. A juried artist with the Kentucky Arts Council’s Kentucky Crafted program, DyeSigns By Pamela’s silk scarves are hand dyed a spectrum of rich, luscious colors sure to complement any wardrobe. DyeSigned to adorn and sure to accessorize in ways only art can: In Style!  Pamela is based out of Louisville, Kentucky where she dreams, dyes, inspires and continues to make the world a more colorful place, one scarf at a time.

"Dream As If You'll Live Forever" Inspirational Silk Wrap Br

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