Beautiful crystal cased White Lily Dichroic weight Created by Master Artist Bruce Sillars  ~3" inches


Orient & Flume produces fine art glass for the collector, using glass that they melt from their own unique recipies.  These signed pieces, hand made at their Northern California studio, capture nature's inspiration in both iridescent and crystal clear glass.  Nationally acclaimed for its excellence in design since 1972, the glass of Orient & Flume utilizes both traditional and contemporary motifs.   The work of Orient & Flume can be found in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum, the Smithsonian Museum, the Chicago Art Institute, the Chrysler Museum, the Corning Glass Museum and fine stores and galleries throughout the world.


Bruce Sillars is a prolific designer considered by other glass blowers to be a true master of glass technique.  For Bruce, the experience of designing and creating glass becomes a very personal, intellectual interpretation of his own emotions, perceptions and impressions.  While he does not try to reproduce a motif exactly, it is the small details that express the essence of a design. Bruce works mostly from memory, allowing his impression of the subject matter to be represented as much as the details of reality.

Dichroic White Lily Paperweight

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